Frequently Asked Questions

Mastering every new partnership is hard work. This FAQs section is aimed to introduce you to the way we do affiliate marketing at SamuraiPartners. If you have any questions, please contact us or your personal affiliate manager.



What is SamuraiPartners?

SamuraiPartners is the affiliate program of 4 casino brands - SpinSamurai, WildFortune, CasiQo, and Using the top-level affiliate software, our aim is to provide you with exceptionable B2B service and help advertise the brands mentioned above.

How do I get started?

  • Create the account at SamuraiPartners 
  • Send us the list of your traffic sources and main GEOs to [email protected]
  • Your personal affiliate manager will verify your account and contact you 
  • After the account will be verified and commission set, you will be able to take the link from your affiliate account which will track your players marketing performance. New links are set at the campaigns section.

Is it free to join?

Yes. We do not charge any fees for creating the account,  links or using approved marketing material at SamuraiPartners. 



How does Revenue Share work?

Revshare is a classic commission model, where Affiliate receives a steady income at the expense of a percentage (up to 60%) of online casino profits.

Affiliate remuneration is calculated depending on the financial result of the involved players. Revshare does not require activation and is available to all partners. The interest rate is dynamic and is set at the end of the closed reporting period. 

How CPA works?

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a model of advertising cooperation, where only players who perform certain actions on the website are paid. To set up a CPA program for your account, you need to contact our support team (так?)

Do offer No Negative Carry Over?

There is no negative carry over.

How does the Default earnings model work?

Revenue Share:                                                                                              

After the first month the Commission % will depend on the number of new FTD’s referred by the Affiliate. The following progressive calculation will apply:

FTDs - Commission %

  • 0-10 - 25%
  • 11-35 - 30%
  • 35+  - 35%

If, after a 6 month inclusive period, no new FTD’s are referred, the Revenue Share will be reduced to 20%. If, after a 12 month inclusive period, no new FTD’s are referred, the Revenue Share will be reduced to 10%. 

Sub Affiliate Revenue Share

Unless indicated on the Affiliate System or otherwise agreed between the Parties, the Sub-Affiliate profit share is calculated as five per cent (5%) of the total revenue share received from Your Sub-Affiliates.


Standard Test: Unless agreed otherwise between the Parties in writing, the first twenty (20) Referred Players under the CPA Deal are to be considered as a test phase in which We will assess the quality of the Referred Players. After the test phase has been completed, We shall, in Our sole discretion, determine whether to continue the campaign, amend pricing, or renegotiate the volumes and/or CPA amounts, based on the results obtained in the testing phase. 

Qualification terms and Fraudulent Players check at Terms and Conditions (url)


CPA+RevShare Conditions apply



How can I create the link?

In your affiliate account click on My Campaigns ->Create New Campaign->Enter the name you would like to call this campaign and click ->Next. 

From here you can select the Link that you would like to use – there are links to the home page, direct to reg, terms and conditions pages etc....

Once selected you click on->Next. From this point you can choose banners or marketing Material or if you just need the link you click on ->Finish

How can I set the postback?

In the affiliate account there is a comprehensive user guide that will show the affiliate everything they need to know about the program. How to setup the account, pull links, create postback links reporting and so on

How can I reset my password?

Follow the instructions on the affiliate site.

I need to block one of the emails added to my affiliate account. What should I do?

If the main account email needs to change then you will need to contact the account manager or the affiliate support team to change/block email address. If it's an additional user, this process will again need to be followed.



What different payment options are there?

The following payment methods are available: Bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller across all brands. If you need any other option/method please let us know.

How often will I be paid?

You will be paid within the first week of each month, on a monthly basis. 

How much do I need to earn before I get paid?

If the balance is less than the minimum pay-out limit of €300 (bank transfers) or €100 (e-wallets), the commission will be moved to the following month and it will be paid out once the total commissions exceed the minimum pay-out limit.

How does the SpinSamurai affiliate payout work?

The Commission will be paid to the payment method selected by the Affiliate in the affiliate-application.

If the minimum threshold is not met in a month the balance will be carried forward until such time that the minimum payment threshold has been met at which point payment will be made in the next payment run.

Am I paid only for a player's first purchase?

As an Affiliate you will benefit from any players who you refer to the casino, for as long as they are playing. Your Affiliate ID will be linked to their account and each time they play we track their losses to you. This is called residual or lifetime income.

What happens in the event of a high roller in my account?

In any given month, if an individual player generates a negative net revenue of at least €10,000 ('high-roller'), and the aggregate net revenue in that month (for the casino) for that affiliate is negative €2,000 or greater, then the high-roller policy will apply. Please see 15.14 of the Terms and Conditions.

What happens if one of my players wins a progressive jackpot?

No need to worry as this has no effect on your affiliate income.

What happens in the event of a chargeback?

When a credit card merchant refunds a customer for an item on their credit card statement which they dispute, this is known as a chargeback. Sadly, some players take advantage of this and claim their money back after depositing it into the casino. Although we do our best to prevent this abuse from happening, there are some occasions when it does happen and in these cases the amount will be deducted from the affiliate's earnings.



What should I do if I need a logo or a banner?

We provide a wide array of quality creative material which is designed for use for SamuraiPartners brands. You will have access to our text links7 If you need custom banners apply to your account manager.

What should I do if I want a landing page or exclusive offer?

We also offer affiliates unique game reviews, download links, landing pages and much more and we constantly update our Media Library with fresh, relevant creative to help you promote the SamuraiPartners brands.



How do you track players that I refer?

Every affiliate is assigned a unique username and affiliate ID when they register at SamuraiPartners which is used to identify traffic coming from their sites. The html code for all the marketing creative you take from our Media Library will contain your unique affiliate ID so that we will be able to track your players as they sign up and deposit at the casino.

What is the linking code that I use when directing traffic to SamuraiPartners?

Using the affiliate ID SP12345 as an example, to send traffic to SamuraiPartners you would use the following link: You can also add specific campaign trackers to your links - you can find more information about this on the Campaigns Page.

How often does the affiliate software update?

Not enough information? Do not hesitate to contact us at affiliates@samuraipartners or contact your personal affiliate manager